Mac Repair Services in Dubai

Apple Mac Repair Specialists

When you need professional and dependable Apple repair services, Azizi iT Team on Call is the premier computer repair center for Apple/Mac repair in UAE.

Professional, efficient & technically sound troubleshooter.

Retina Display replacement Service

Display issues repair in Dubai. If you have a problem with Macbook display, no backlight, vertical lines on the screen, no picture or broken front glass, those will be all fixed if you use this service. All those parts come as one unit and we change them. We replace the complete Display Panel of your laptop when you bring or send it to our service center.

Get fixed your Mac display panel

Battery issues fix

MacBook Pro, Air Battery replacement by professionals.New replacement battery for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air. highest quality.

We will replace the battery with original replacement in the Store and provide you with warranty.

Get fixed your Mac battery issues

Faulty logic board repair

The logic board repair component level for the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Intel iMac.

We use the latest tools and high quality components to yield a high success rate of repair.

Get fixed your Mac logic board 

SSD upgrade

You Upgrade the SSD in your MacBook Air, iMac or Retina MacBook Pro, boosting size & speed.

We offer incredible levels of service and support with friendly, professional team.

Get Mac storage solutions

Graphics problem

We have Best solution for MacBook Graphic Card  issues.

We only repair MacBook by Reballing, reflow is a temporary fix and we don’t use it at all,This repair service to be the best professional long lasting repair you can find.

Get Fixed your Mac graphics problem

Keyboard not working

Faulty keyboard repairThe keyboard usually gets damaged from the liquid or improper clean up. We replace the keyboard on your MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina within 1 day! We support all Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 releases.

Get Fixed your Mac keyboard problem

Water damage repair

Water damage repair Usually only the keyboard stops working after contact with the liquid. Apple MacBook rarely survives contact with water and it can be very difficult to fix them. However we specialised in this type of repairs so if we cannot fix it, nobody can!

Get fixed your water damage Mac

Overheating repair

As the MacBook gets older, the cooling system may be blocked by dust or the fan become noisy. You Mac will get hot and hotter. This simple issue may lead to very serious problems such as graphics or processor failure so it’s important to get it sorted as the MacBook is still functional.

Get fixed your Mac overheating problem

mac overheating

Trackpad repair

We can replace the multi touch touch pad on your MacBook Air Macbook Pro Retina while you wait. The repair takes only 2 hours and we fix your MacBook to the highest standard – exactly the same as Apple. We use only genuine touch-pads, new, with one year warranty.

Get fixed your Mac trackpad problem

Software issues repair

If your Apple Mac is showing Apple software errors, or perhaps you simply want to bring your machine in for a health check then contact us today to find out how we can help you. Apple iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro repairs .

Get fixed your Mac software problems

Software issues repair

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